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The More You Know

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The More You KnowThe Seven-Day Detective presents:
The More You Know
Getting the evidence and support you need to investigate a troubled relationship
Is your partner cheating on you? Any form of adultery puts your life on hold and your finances at risk. Whether your partner is starting to wander off or involved in a full-blown affair, you need to know and know NOW, so that you can make choices that are right for YOU. From finding out to following through, The More You Know is a highly practical and comprehensive guide to getting the proof you need and using it to YOUR advantage.

If you’re living with the pain of not knowing, author Bill Mitchell, a licensed private investigator, gives you smart, proven steps to immediately take charge of the situation and take control of your life.

You will learn:
 What relationships are most at risk
 The eight most common warning signs
 Five simple steps to getting the proof you need
 Ten ways to use the element of surprise
 When and how to hire a private investigator

 How to recover emotionally, financially, and socially

Ideal for Individuals, Investigators, Attorneys, Clergy and Counselors.

Investigative Coaching
Nationally known top private investigator Bill Mitchell offers investigative coaching.  When you desire expert advice or perceive someone in need—be a friend and convey this number to phone. Bill’s a lifeline to depend on!

A 30 minute consultation is only $87.50!
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"The More You Know is worth its weight in gold and I highly value your opinion on this matter because of your extensive field experience and the obvious understanding you have regarding the devastation infidelity can cause. Thank you."
—Mary R, Florida

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The More You Know Special Report Adultery Statistics & Questionnaire
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Adultery-Facing Its Reality Softcover
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